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  1. All About Me

    November 22, 2015 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    elena all about me

    Hi! My name is Elena, I’m 11 years old and I am doing a school blog. I am in #6 grade at St-Lawrence school and I live in Candiac (Canada). In my family, I am the only kid and trust me, it’s really boring. At home I speak French with my parents but with my friends, I speak English to practice my second language. (more…)

  2. What Is A Good Comment To Me Challenge

    March 14, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    Hi, this post will be about what is a good comment to me. A good comment doesn’t mean that it has to be short or long. A good comment is if the person who commented on your post wrote a question example: if it’s about his/her animal, (How old is your animal?). Or else a compliments about something  like (I like your background it looks so cool or you are a really good writer). And finally if they are nicely enough to share with you a connection about something.


    These are some of my comments that I’ve written on different blogs.

    Hi Anushka, I’m Elena Online from and I saw a video on youtube about Asha Mandela. I think that it’s so cool and interesting. 42 pound of hair is really heavy and to wait for years so her hair could be 55 ft long is verry but verry mature because not every one is patient. Plus, washing long hair isn’t that easy because you have to put shampoo, water and then it’s more heavy and after you have to dry your hair!

    Have a great day,

    Elena Online

    This is her URL:


    Hi Nelly, I’m Elena Online from and I really like your little story.

    I think it’s verry funny because you used your imagination to invent a storry with a angry pen that says (Your angry x-friend Pen). You really have funny ideas. The part that you wrote that you could of taken me out of the pencile case so I could have some air is soooo funny!

    I hope that you’ll write other funny and creative post.

    Have a good day,

    Elena Online

    Her URL:


    Hi Ella Bella, I’m Elena Online From and I live in Canada/Montreal.

    With my class, we went to Clip n’ Climb In Laval for a field trip. Clip n’ Climb is a rock climbing place that is so fun because there is not just rock climbing. There is a thing that  you can walk in the air and another thing simular to what you did. The winner that climb the fastest to the top of a wall got the chance to do what you did!

    Keep up the good job,

    Elena Online

    Ella Bellas URL:


  3. Doing The Student Blogging Challenge Again

    March 9, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    Hey, this post will be about The Student Blogging Challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge is a challenge that student from around the world that have a blog, because of their teacher who are register on this challenge. When you’re register, you have to write every week a challenge post. For example: a post about what is a perfect comment, about a book that you like and more. because I had Mrs. Theriault for my English teacher last year, I got the chance to participate in The Student Blogging Challenge and it was fun. You had to write a comment on different blog around the world and leave your Earl so that they can come visit your blog and know you better!

    When you get the chance to be in something, it makes you put more effort in it because you want to (be on top of the mountain). If you don’t get what I mean, I’m just saying that you want to push and push harder so that you can be the best and that people could see that your blog is about fun and educating stuff. That way, you can get better at writing interesting thing with some a little bit of pressure. 😉

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  4. Out of my mind

    February 23, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    The book out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper, is a story about a girl named Melody of eleven year old and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is when before you’re born or after and your brain is still developing. This brain damage will make part of your body not move for the rest of your life example, you will not be able to talk, walk, move your legs, arms etc. For Melody, she can’t talk, walk or eat by herself. But she has something that nobody have, Melody see colors in song that means the song is sad, joyful etc. She also have the ability of keeping memory in her head forever! Example, when Melody saw a commercial on tv about a toy that was really dangerous, and saw it when she was shopping with her mother, Melody couldn’t talk to her mother to say that this toy was dangerous. So she screamed but her mother thought she wanted it and said to her that she couldn’t have it because she had enough toy at home. Melody was sad and angry that she couldn’t talk to say what she wanted.

    Melody still go to school but she’s in a special class that has a name of H-5. The students in H-5 are all kids who has something. They take their time in class for watching movies, making snowman etc. Then one day, Melody bought online a machine called medi-talker that is supposed to talk for her and many more. She even gave the machine a name. With the medi-talker, Melody can share with other what she has to say example, dad I love you, thank you for… etc.

    If I was Melody, I wouldn’t like it because I couldn’t be able to talk, walk, eat by myself and I could not live my life as a normal kid who can do almost everything by themselves. If I would be angry, I would have to keep all my bad emotion inside of me and could never share my opinion with other people like friends/family.

    The book Out of my mind is a really good book if you understand how people feel and if you can put your soul in the body of the character. I think that if you’re a person that likes book about problem that people have and not like actions or horror book you’ll definitely like the book Out of my mind.

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  5. Davids Tea!

    February 21, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    davidsteaI love Davids Tea because it doesn’t taste like water or juice, it’s in the middle. Davids Tea is a tea shop with a lot of different tea flavors and they have tea bottles and other things like straws.

    A lot of kids don’t like tea because they think that it taste bad and doesn’t really have much flavor We can also have a already made hot tea and iced tea with your tea that you want. I think that they have some weird flavor like popcorn and cotton candy. Do you think that is weird? I do. I prefer the iced tea because when I order hot drinks, I always wait until it cools down. Plus, you can be member of Davids Tea buy having a free Davids tea card and create an account. That way, you could have some free stuff and some discount. Isn’t that AMAZING?

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  6. Squishies!!!

    February 21, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    Squishies are all around the internet now and I think it’s because they’re soooo cute, they smell good and they’re very slow rising. Squishies are just little or very but very big spunges in different shape like pineapple, bread, donut etc. You can buy it online at different places like eBay, amazon and more. But be careful if you buy some online because you could easily get a rip off and get a plastic pumpkin toy  instead of a pumpkin slow rising squishie. If you watch videos on YouTube, you’ve probably saw one or two squishies review videos and they are taking them off of their packaging or cutting them!

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  7. Rumpelstiltskin

    February 21, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    At my school, we have a library for grades 3 to 6. I took a book called Rumpelstiltskin because I Think that the book cover was cool. Rumpelstiltskin is kind of a fairy tale because it`s like talking about a king and the daughter of Daniel the Miller, someone that stole something and he’s going to prison. Plus, the first thing that it says to begin the story is “Once upon a time…”. I like this book because there is a lot of beautiful colors, how they draw all the characters and how they made them speak. I already read a book like this and I liked it. I recommend this book to all person that loves fairy tales and who likes story with bad person, princesses and king. But, I think that Rumpelstiltskin “the bad guy” is a little bit scary because he is green and with a purple suit.


  8. Panda Twins Meeting For The Very First Time!

    February 20, 2017 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    0607d84a2e8b50153e341010a072f8a1Hey! I just read a article about panda twins meeting for the very first time on BBC news round. They were born in Shanghai, a city in China at wildlife park last month. The sister and bother were kept apart for a better life until now. When they were born, the boy was left with his mother but the girl was taken away to be fed by human, to give then a better chance of surviving.

    BBC news round link:

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  9. My High School

    October 20, 2016 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    logo-cdsl-noir-et-blancHi as you probably know, it’s my last year at St-Lawrence school because I’m in sixth grade. My dad sing me up to do two exams, one at Jean De La Mennais that is a french private high school, and College Durocher also a french private high school .

    In summer, I had a little training to be sure that I’ll be accepted to at least one these high school. I also went to their open house to see how it looks like and to see wich one was the best for me.

    In September, it was finally my Jean De La Mennais exams. We had to answer a lot of questions in math, French, ability, and logical. It was kind of easy more then I imagined. After, I went to eat at Thai express and it was really good. In October, it was my college Durocher exam. It was pretty much all the same questions as Jean De La Mennais but we didn’t had to do the ability ones and we had a cookie. I think that it was easier then JDLM= Jean De La Menais.

    Three weeks later, I got emails from the two high schools and I was accepted to Durocher. For JDLM, I passed the exam but I had to wait for one student to say that they’re not going there because there is no more space for another student. I’m the number 71 in the list to wait. So, I decided that I was going to College Durocher because I like their school, how they react with their students, their programs and more.

    Please leave a comment and tell me if you heard of any of these two high school. 

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  10. Stop The War Now!

    October 6, 2016 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    stop-1013732_960_720In my class, we’re reading a book called The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. It’s talking about the Taliban taking control of Kabul in Afghanistan, and how it’s difficult to live there. So, in this post I’ll be talking about war and what it does. A long time ago, people were using war to decide who was going to take control of all most every part of all countries. But was it a good idea?

    I think that it wasn’t a good idea because they could of just talk about the problem and try to solve it by just talking to each other. But, they chose the war to solve the problem that could kill a lot of people and it’s not safe. Today, a lot of country are still in war and some aren’t. Afghanistan and other country are poor because of what? The WAR! They lost a lot of things like family, house, food etc. Of course you could try to escape but, some country don’t want you to leave so they’ll just try to shoot you. Luckily, some country like Canada are very nice to come in other country and help those who are in war.

    Please leave a comment and tell me if you think that war should stop in every country.

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  11. I Want To Go To School!

    October 4, 2016 by evelynyvonnetheriault

    51mkbxolf7lHey! Today I’ll be talk about if I couldn’t go to school.

    If I wouldn’t be allowed to go to school, I would feel like in vacation because we would have no homework, no spelling quiz, oral presentation and more. I could stay in my bead longer and watch movies on my iPhone, invite friends, do some sleepover and of course relax.

    But after a few days, I would realized that if we don’t have school, we can’t have a job and no job = no money when we’ll be older. We would not be able to read, write, solve math problem, eat good food and have cloths. The first day you would probably say “Oh this is fun to not have school.” But, what would you do when you will grow up? How you would live with no money? I would feel sad to not learn and I would probably be really board after a few days.

    If we couldn’t go to school, things would be different. A lot different because we wouldn’t know how to make movies, stories, how to build things like bicycle, computer, car…

    If you couldn’t go to school, how would you feel?

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